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  • Lipstick Matte (Coming Soon)
    Fans of piCture pOlish should be really excited!!! Jules and the girls have been creating something big, something colourful... And while they've had their lips sealed about this top secret mission... Introducing "piCture pOlish Lips" Already famous for creating unique shades and an ever evolv..
  • Nail Care CoCo Potion
    Nail Care: CoCo Potion was launched in 2015 and falls within Nailcare Style: A coconut oil cuticle conditioner... Formulation:  CoCo Potion is a new cuticle conditioner formulation developed by piCture pOlish.  Contains 30% coconut oil + Vitamin E.  T..
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  • Nail Care Cuticle Nourish
    Nail Care: Cuticle Nourish was launched in 2015 and falls within Nail Care Style:  Soften and nourish your cuticles after mani... Formulation:  Cuticle Nourish has a 100% natural almond base oil with Vitamin E + peach fragrance and packaged with a con..
  • Nail Care Cuticle Wipe Out with Stick
    Nail Care: Cuticle Wipe-out was launched in 2015 and falls within Nail Care Style: A lightly fragrant + nourishing cuticle exfoliate... Formulation:  Cuticle Wipe-out is a water based gel with moisturising wax exfoliating particles, eucalyptus and lavender actives packaged ..
  • Nail Polish 2001
    Nail Polish: 2001 was created in 2016 with The Nailista Shop Inspiration: In Kate's words... a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey” (1968), one of the greatest films ever made, with mind blowing special effects and incredibly accurate realism. This polish is an ode to ..
  • Nail Polish Alice
    Nail Polish: Alice was created in 2016 with Rainbow Connection  Inspiration: In Annette's words... ! love anything Alice in Wonderland and this shade is a homage to Alice's fun and whimsical nature Colour/Texture: Bright blue jelly scatter h..
  • Nail Polish Alive
    Nail Polish: Alive nail polish was created in 2015 with Sois Polish Inspiration:  Remember the trials of life, and enjoy the moment... (a)live! Colour/Texture: Muted fuchsia scatter holographic with a smattering of magenta hex glitters + dries textured on the nail ..
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  • Nail Polish Allure
    Nail Polish: Allure was created in 2015 with Nina D83 Inspiration: In Nina's words... Allure is all about fascination, ambitions, and enticement of New York - a city of endless temptations. Colour/Texture: Magenta scatter holographic + dries smooth on the ..
  • Nail Polish Antique
    Nail Polish: Antique was launched in 2009 and falls within Standard Shades Style: A purple/silver metal like shade that gets better with age. Formulation: 5 Free - Antique is a mesh alumin and dries textured on the nail.  Apply Top'n Base, Gloss on To..
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  • Nail Polish Aphrodisiac
    Nail Polish: Aphrodisiac was launched in 2009 and falls within Standard Shades Style: A dark vampy purple that creates a magic touch. Formulation: 5 Free - Aphrodisiac is a classic shimmer/creme and dries smooth on the nail. Care Instructions: K..
  • Nail Polish Arabian
    Nail Polish: Arabian was created in 2015 with Dorra aka Didoline Inspiration:  First my origins... I remember my aunts, my grandmother liking all of the gold and bold jewellery. They also loved wearing red nail polish, because it's such a feminine shade. Arabian..
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  • Nail Polish Ariel's Tale (Reborn)
    Nail Polish: Ariel's Tale (Reborn) was launched in 2014 and falls within Glitter Shades Style: A re-formulated mix of all-sized teal green glitter just like Ariel's Tale. Formulation: 5 Free - Ariel's Tale is a metallic glitter mix and dries textured on th..
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