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  • Allure Nail Polish
    Allure was created in 2015 with Nina D83 (Instagram/USA) Inspiration: In Nina's words... Allure is all about fascination, ambitions, and enticement of New York - a city of endless temptations. Formulation: 5 Free - Allure is a magenta scatter holo and..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00
  • Antique Nail Polish
    Antique was launched in 2009 and falls within Mesh Shades Style: A purple/silver metal like shade that gets better with age. Formulation: 5 Free - Antique is a mesh alumin and dries textured on the nail.  Apply Top'n Base, Gloss on Top! or Looking Gla..
    Ex Tax: AU$11.00 AU$11.00
  • Aphrodisiac Nail Polish
    Aphrodisiac was launched in 2009 and falls within Dark Shades Style: A dark vampy purple that creates a magic touch. Formulation: 5 Free - Aphrodisiac is a classic shimmer/creme and dries smooth on the nail. Care Instructions: Keep away from hea..
    Ex Tax: AU$11.00 AU$11.00
  • Arabian Nail Polish
    Arabian was created in 2015 with Dorra aka Didoline (Blogger/France/Dubai) Inspiration:  First my origins... I remember my aunts, my grandmother liking all of the gold and bold jewellery. They also loved wearing red nail polish, because it's such a feminine ..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00
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  • Ariel's Tale (Reborn) Nail Polish
    Ariel's Tale (Reborn) was launched in 2014 and falls within Glitter Shades Style: A re-formulated mix of all-sized teal green glitter just like Ariel's Tale. Formulation: 5 Free - Ariel's Tale is a metallic glitter mix and dries textured on the nail. ..
    Ex Tax: AU$11.00 AU$11.00
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Atomic Nail Polish
    Atomic was created in 2013 with Sarah aka Samarium's Swatches (Blogger/USA) and is sadly leaving our collection so please make sure you get yours! Inspiration: Sarah's love of the Samarium element - a silvery white metal Formulation: 5 ..
    Ex Tax: AU$10.00 AU$10.00 AU$12.00
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  • Autumn Nail Polish
    Autumn was created in 2015 with The Polishing Life (Blogger/Ukraine) Inspiration: In Alena's words... Autumn lends the most beautiful, intense and vibrant colours to nature. Why not transfer at least one of them to your nails? One of the many shades of leaves in..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00
  • Badass Nail Polish
    Badass was created in 2014 with Shelly aka Sassy Shelly (Blogger/USA) Inspiration: For the "bad girl" in all of us... As dark and complex as the farthest reaches of space. Formulation: 5 Free - Badass is a black/grey bijou holo and dries smooth o..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00
  • Bardot Nail Polish
    Bardot was created in 2015 and falls within Opulence Shades Style: French in every way a sultry fashion forward siren... Formulation: 5 Free - Bardot is a french baby pink jelly scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail (contains no glitter) Car..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00
  • Beige Nail Polish
    Beige was launched in 2009 and falls within Light Shades Style: A sophisticated classic neutral perfect to wear anytime. Formulation: 5 Free - Beige is a classic creme and dries smooth on the nail. Care Instructions: Keep away from heat, flame &..
    Ex Tax: AU$11.00 AU$11.00
  • Believe Nail Polish
    Believe was launched in 2013 and falls within Dark Shades Inspiration: Jules believing that she could grow her nails. Formulation: 5 Free - Believe is a purple/green shimmer creme and dries smooth on the nail. Care Instructions: Keep away f..
    Ex Tax: AU$11.00 AU$11.00
  • Bette Nail Polish
    Bette was launched in 2014 (was 617) and falls within Opulence Shades Style: Inspired by those beautiful eyes... Formulation: 5 Free - Bette is a light blue scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail (contains no glitter). Care Instructions: Keep away..
    Ex Tax: AU$13.00 AU$13.00