About Us

piCture pOlish was created when two Australian girls desired a gift that would capture a special occasion

What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nail polish that is quirky & vibrant that stands out from the rest...

piCture pOlish is a boutique nail polish brand, independently owned, founded, formulated and proudly made in Australia

Nail Polish with Personality - original, beautiful and durable!



The Network brings piCture pOlish to you via our worldwide on-line stockists 

Ideal for International friends and polish lovers!

Bricks & Mortar brings piCture pOlish shades to your Australian fashion retail store 

Add some quirkiness, fun and colour to your business!


piCture pOlish Gallery HQ launched April 2013. Our first gallery and the place to view, sample and buy our shades

piCture pOlish launched in Blooomingdale's - Dubai in February 2014 our first international ICON retail store

piCture pOlish launches 'MoYou London' stamping plates in July 2014 fully imported from the UK

piCture pOlish launches 'NailVinyls' in August 2014 fully imported from the USA

piCture pOlish launches 'Liquid Palisade' in December 2014 fully imported from the USA

piCture pOlish launches 'Nail Butter' in January 2015 fully imported from the USA


piCture pOlish has a shade for all occasions and everyone  

The perfect way to say thanks! The perfect partner for your business! The perfect way to paint your nails!